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6420 Freetown Road ¤ Columbia, MD 21044 ¤ (410) 531-6663

Eric Stein: Started my career in the beverage alcohol industry in 1970.  20 years in wholesale offered the opportunity to travel the world visiting wineries and distilleries, learning from them all, both large and small.  I'm proud of the accomplishments made at Decanter, the staff, and the wonderful community.  We will always strive to offer superior service, broad selections, and competitive pricing.



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Upcoming Events

Daily Tasting Table

Wine and/or Beer Tastings available daily open to close; with an ever changing selection. We use a nitrogen system for guaranteed freshness.


Current Tasting Table


Wine 1

Angelini - Pinot Grigio



Wine 2

Brioche - Chardonnay



Wine 3

Glenbrook - Cabernet Sauvignon



Wine 4

Borsao - Garnacha




Jackson Morgan - Salted Caramel


Open Daily  ◊  Monday  - Thursday: 10 to 9  ◊  Friday - Saturday: 10 to 10  ◊  Sunday: 11 - 7


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